Wednesday, December 28, 2011

GO TEAM, Air Force and Constipated Birds

Have you picked up your Citizen's Bank Button for the Bowl game?

Were you expecting the usual pun or insightful play on words ala Forrest Thump?

Maybe something like Houston, you have a problem . . .

Well if this football season hasn't been disappointing enough already, prepare yeself for the illustrious slogan for this year's TicketCity Bowl . . .

GO Nittany Lions!

That's it.  That's all folks.  I.  Kid.  You.  Not.

Well, at least GO is capitalized and there's an exclamation point!

Seriously?  Is this the best they can do?  Houston, are we a GO?  Is there that little interest in this game that putting together a decent slogan was too much work for somebody?

But then bad decisions are a part of bowl season apparently.  Just ask Air Force.  After scoring the potentially tying TD with less than a minute to go, they opted for a two-point conversion to "win" the game.  It failed and they lost.

I guess overtime is too much to ask for--or hope for--in a bowl game.  Of course, I'm just pissed because I picked Air Force in the football bowl pool!

And then there was Louisville, losing to NC State.  I actually picked NC State.  But what is with that angry bird mascot for Louisville.  Looks more constipated than mean . . . .

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Carolyn Todd said...

Maybe after their Much Ado about Nuttin'button for Ohio State and their Brie Them to Their Knees button for Wisconsin were scrapped they decided to cool it for a while?