Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whom Do We Root For?

With the Big Ten season about to begin, I present the weekly game guide.

Obviously, we're rooting against the Gold and Black Chickenhawks, but they are a touchdown fave over our beloved Nittany Lions who open Big Ten play on the road.

The Ohio State Luckeyes open on the road against Illinois and are 17.5 point favorites.  One school of thought says that we root for the Red and Silver so they will be higher ranked when we play them.  Let's be frank here.  Or Joe.  Or whatever your name is.  Strength of schedule at this point is fairly irrelevant for us.  The chance of a national title is dim at best.  The best case scenario is to win the Big Ten and get the automatic BCS bid.  Winning the Big Ten means having the best conference record.  Thank you Mr. Obvious.  A loss by any team we are likely to lose to is a good thing.  So Go Illini!  Crack some nuts!

BTW:  Ohio State has opened Big Ten play 14 out of the last 20 seasons.  This is their first road opener since 2004.  Seems a bit unfair, doesn't it?  As if we need another reason not to like the guys with marijuana leaves on their helmets.  (In case you are wondering, Penn State has opened Big Ten play at home 8 out of 20 seasons.)  You can read all about it in the Altoona Mirror.

Moving right along.  The Rich Rods go on the road to take on the Hoosiers and are 10 point favorites.  I'm sorry, but this one is easy.  Go Hoosiers!

Northwestern travels to Minnesota and is a 5 point fave over the gophers.  Go Wildcats! (but who really cares?!)

Michigan State hosts the Badgers who are favored by 2.  We don't play Wisconsin, so GO SPARTANS!

Purdue has a bye week.  The bye week is favored by 3.5 points.

In other games of interest:

The Domers are favored over BC by 2.  Go Eagles!

Pitt is favored by 19 points over Florida International Airport.  I don't even think Wanny can screw this one up, but then he has rarely left me down.

In previous opponents' games:

Alabama takes on 7th ranked Florida and is favored by 9.  This is tough.  I really don't like Saban, but Bama soundly defeated us.  I also don't care much for Urban Renewal Meyers.  Pick your poison in this one.

Temple is favored by 5 over Army.  Go Owls!

Kent State is a 3 point fave over Miami (OH).  Go Flashes!

YSU is 3-0 since losing to PSU.  They play Missouri State this weekend.  Go Penguins!

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