Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Night Football

Pitt trails Miami (FL) 10-0 at the half thanks to turnovers by Miami that has kept Pitt in the game.

But let's face it, the best teams in PA will square off at Beaver Stadium this weekend.  Well, at least one of them will be there.

JoePa's Doghouse is pumped.
Let's face it: Temple is now our traditional in-state rival.  Forget looking westward to Pittsburgh.  The series with the Panthers is done.  Over.  Wannstachted'ed.  The Owls are our team now.
Penn State now has a 27-game winning streak against Temple University. . . It's the longest active streak in the country.
We're just one Charlie Weis-at-ND-versus-Navy from dropping this one. But let's be honest, barring a massive letdown this is all there is in terms of history in this series. Lopsidedness.
It's hard to muster up hate to avenge a loss that occurred during the FDR administration.
And this is what makes Temple so annoying.  There is nothing new to report.  It's the same team we've seen since 2006, a team Penn State has outscored 154-9 in that time span.  Yes, they may be a little older and a little better, but are they so good they can defeat Penn State?   Let there be no misunderstanding--this team is not better, they just suck less.  Their struggles against Villanova tell you all that you want to know.  This is just another dull paycheck game for the athletic department.
I couldn't have said it better myself.  Come on people--it's Temple.  T-E-M-P-L-E. 
 Southernnitt1974 asks the question, what is wrong with our fanbase? 
Temple is improved but they are still Temple for god's sake! We will beat Temple soundly.
But MH55 thinks it's "time."
I wont be there Saturday. I'm going to enjoy this landmark Temple win from the safety and comfort of my home. This is the time.
Time Magazine?  Time for what?  Another beatdown?  R U SERIOUS?
LikemikePSU writes:
Over on the Temple board they are talking psu win, top 25, and even an undefeated season??? Are they insane? They beat Uconn and now all of a sudden they are relevant. I hope we take this game seriously and run the score up to show the nation we havent fallen that far from greatness. I know were young and all but I cant stand how Temple isnt the slightest bit intimidated by us. This is a statement game for our team and the rest of the nation before we go to Iowa under the lights in primetime!

fortheglory94 responded:
Wait, there's a Temple board?!?
I know!  I was surprised too!  So I went looking for this.  And I found this:
ShawnOwl typed:
Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but in all the talk leading up to this week's game, I'm still not sure whether people understand that we could be two days away from the biggest win in Temple football history. This is not hyperbole. It's a fact. The Owls have beaten a few nationally-ranked teams over the years. They won a bowl game 30 years ago. They've had some big wins here and there. But this would be the biggest. The BIGGEST!
OK, Mr. Obvious, considering Temple hasn't beaten PSU since 1941, I would think any win would be BIG.  But just when you get us all excited about Owl Football, you mention winning a bowl game . . . THIRTY years ago.  I don't care who you are--that's funny!  It reminds me of the coach at Rydell High that wants to finally ring that victory bell.  But that's not the BIGGEST ding-a-ling here.

wotan seems to be more on top of things:
Some have predicted a Temple victory. It seems the team is developing. . . 35-3-1. And we had some "developed" teams in those 35 loses. Just give us the money and send us home healthy. Can't imagine who those "some" would be, but 15 points isn't enough for me.

I guess we'll just have to actually play this game and find out, won't we?

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