Saturday, October 11, 2014

Go to Hell, Michigan

I have come close to walking away from blogging before.

But this 18-13 loss to THEM is the straw that finally broke this bloggers back.

If you can't beat a 2-4 team with a head coach who is a dead man walking and a starting quarterback with one leg . . .

This was not the worst loss in PSU history.  It was not the most embarrassing.  But it is the one that ends this blog.  Maybe I'm just getting old--staring fifty in the face next week.  Maybe it's the recent loss of my father.  Maybe it was just a bad week on-call.  Maybe, it's just time.  I will always be a Penn State fan.  I will continue to watch and go to the games.  But I can no longer publicly share my thoughts with you.  Mere words and funny pictures cannot begin to express my disappointment at this time.

To all my faithful readers, I thank you for reading my blog all these years.

Good bye.


The Nittany Turkey said...

Noooooooooo, don't do it! You made it through The Dark Years, and you'll get through this period of offensive ineptitude.

Age has nothing to do with it. I'm twice your age and still blogging.


Anonymous said...

Don't do it. Your insight and opinions are what feeds the multitude of us that often seek the comfort of knowing
that we're not alone. Our salve for what ails ,being Penn State fans, is found in your venting prose. I've read your posts for years but have never responded. But please know that the pain you feel, your not alone Dave in PA

Anonymous said...

I have followed you since Penndead. I always check in to see your views. Hope you don't close it down for long.

JoAnne Adams said...

Please come back. We miss you.