Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tressel For President!

Lost amid the excitement of Penn State recruiting, the Board of Trustee elections and renaming the Food Sciences building after E-Rod, is this gem from Youngstown State University. I'm gonna be President!

I'm gonna be a President!
According to the Plain Dealer, James "Tattoo" Tressel has been named President of the University.  Tressel was apparently also in the running for the University of Akron job.  I do not know if he had applied for Penn State before Barron took over.
Tressel signed a three-year contract that includes a salary of $300,000 a year for the first two years and the third year to be determined based on a performance evaluation, the university said. He will also receive an American-made car and housing. Tressel’s coaching career at Ohio State University ended when he was banned by the NCAA for rules violations three years ago. He began working at UA two years ago. About 10 percent to 15 percent of college presidents nationwide do not come through the traditional academic pipeline, instead coming in with a corporate or political background, Inside Higher Ed reported.
Another article reported that Tressel "spent 38 years as a coach and does not have a doctorate degree."

Soooooo, what the hell is YSU thinking??????

 [Football Championships]

 Seriously, is the pool of university presidential candidates that shallow that Tressel makes a good choice? 

What message is the University sending?

 We don't care if someone violates NCAA rules?

 We believe in second chances?

 We don't want to be on probation, and if there's one man that knows all about probation, it's Jim Tressel?
“The trustees chose Mr. Tressel based on his fund raising ability to a large degree. All due respect to Mr. Tressel, but his strength isn’t in academics so we need to have a provost very strong in academics.”
Oh, so it's about the money!

 And there you have it.  Fundraising is more important than integrity.

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