Thursday, January 9, 2014

Got Franklin?

A few days ago, the Internet would have you believe that Al Golden to PSU was a done deal.  But apparently, there was no offer.  Apparently, Al Golden is not interested.

Today, the speculation on Penn State's next head coach turned in a new direction, as "sources" began tweeting, twittering and constipating that James Franklin has been made and offer an accepted.

Here is the scoop from Fox Sports . . .
Vanderbilt coach James Franklin has agreed to terms with Penn State to become the school’s head football coach. 
As I tweeted two days ago, James Franklin to Penn State would be official as soon as offer was official. It’s official now.

If Clay Travis tweets it, it must be true right?

So where's the contract?  Where's the PC? 

The whole search has taken on a life of it's own as people are sitting in airports watching to see who gets off what planes and where those planes have travelled.


I am oddly disinterested at this point.  I think the reason is that I'm not sure who I would want as head coach if I could pick anyone out there right now and they accepted the position.  I don't know which horse to bet on.

Al Golden?  Penn Stater.  Joe supporter.  Turned Temple around until Addazio undid what he had built before jumping to BC.  Has not impressed me at Miami but they have their own sanction issues going on, so it might not be fair to judge him.  I wouldn't be disappointed with a Golden hire, but I'm not sold he's the best.

James Franklin?  Turned Vanderbilt (think Northwestern of the SEC) around in three years.  Back to back bowl wins.  Music City and Compass Bowl.  Lost the Liberty Bowl his first year.  But you know what--he's coached Vandy to three bowls--and the school has only been to SEVEN total.  Born in PA.  Worked under Vanderlinden at Maryland.  Interesting ties.  Young and energetic.  Good at recruiting.  Probably a great hire, but how long will he stay?  Is PSU a stepping stone to the NFL?

Larry Johnson, Sr.  Sentimental favorite.  Loyal to PSU.  Unfortunately, loyalty is no longer the currency of the realm.  Currency is the currency of the realm.  Would probably retire as PSU Head Coach if given the chance.  But LJ is 61?  Can he coach to 71?  84?  Still would probably get more years than Franklin, but maybe I'm over analyzing Franklin's interest in the NFL.  Still a little gun shy after the OB thing.  Downside of LJ--no other collegiate experience.  Upside--great recruiter.  Would probably look to put the Linebacker back in LBU.  If he picked an OC that Hack and Co. would be happy with, could be a great hire.  But I fear the powers that be want to distance themselves from the Paterno era.  I just don't see this happening.  I do hope he stays on as an assistant, though.

Munchak?  Not real successful in the NFL.  Available.  Paterno supporter.  Old school.  No collegiate coaching experience (even OB had some assistant experience at the college level before the Patriots.)  Too many unknowns, but would I be upset if he is named?  Probably not.

Prior to OB, when the last search was searching, I hoped for Chris Peterson from Boise State.  He is now headed to Washington.  Cross him off the list.

What about Vanderlinden?  He had head coaching experience.  The last season notwithstanding, he's done great work with the LBs at PSU.  He left because of Butler, who is gone.  Was he even considered?

You may laugh, but I would really love to see Bill Cowher come out of retirement and give college coaching a chance at Penn State.  He might fail, but I think he'd fill the leadership void at Penn State.  Stop laughing!  I'm trying to be serious now.  But I think his coaching days are over and he's content to sit behind a desk and talk about football.

I guess only time will tell.

I wonder who's at the airport now?

Do you know where your Joyner is???

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