Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekly Game Guide: Hoosier Rooting For Edition?

We're a little late here this week with the game guide edition.  Pirates are in the play-offs--> 1-1 now
Indiana believes in truth in advertising.
with the St. Louis Cards.  Pens opened with a 3-0 win last night.  But the last I checked, the Stillers still suck.

Which reminds me about the game last night . . .Iowa State screwed and Texass walks away with a one point win.  This indisputable video evidence crap is for the birds.  Indisputable by whom?  A knowledgeable football analyst or a brain dead moron?  It was a fumble.  If the damned play in question was so indisputable on video, then how the hell did all the refs get it wrong on the field?  If it looks like a fumble on replay--it's a fumble.  Let's just have a panel of five guys review the play simultaneously and without talking to each other.  Each votes whether to let the play stand as called or over-rule it.  Majority wins.  Probably won't change the game much, but I could have found 5 out of 5 people anywhere that could have told you Penn State scored a touchdown against Nebraska last year.  Indisputable?  More like indefensible.  But I digress.

Sorry about the impromptu rant.  Obamacare has me seeing red right now.  If shutting down the whole damn government will help, then Katie bar the door.  Lock 'em all out.  But I have done digressed again.

So this weekend, the Indiana Hosers, sporting a magnificent 2-2 record, host the Penn State Nittany Lions in Bloomingdales Bloomington.

The Hosers are looking for some hidden vigorish.   (Bob Prince coined the term "hidden vigorish" to hilariously tautologically describe the allegedly mystical force that makes a hitter who has been hitless closer to his next hit every time he makes an out.)  Indiana has NEVER beaten Penn State on the football field, unless you count a cheap shot at Michael Mauti that ended his season.

The Red I's have pasted Indiana State 73-35, and struck out Bowling Green 42-10.  But when playing teams with a pulse, they lost 41-35 to Navy and 45-28 to Missouri.  They can score points.  They have a bad defense.  Penn State can score points.  And while we might not have the best defense in the country, we've been holding our own.

Sometimes winless teams are like a blind squirrel finding an acorn.  But this is not their acorn.  Penn State wins.  At least a couple of scores.  Pirates making me think we are family.  We are invincible.  We are . . .PENN STATE!

In the Big Ten:

Michigan State hosts the Iowa Hawkeyes (1.5 points).  Gotta root for Sparty here.

Nebraska (10.5 points) hosts the Illini.  Easy call here.  GO HUSKERS!

Minnesota travels to the Big OutHouse to take on THEM (21 points.)  GO GOPHERS!

Northwestern hosts the Buckeyes (5.5).  GO WILDCATS!

Wisconsin, and Purdue have a bye.  The bye is favored by three touchdowns over the Boilers.

In other games:

Alabama is a 56 point favorite over Georgia . . . . State.  ROLL TIDE ROLL.

Arizona State is a 5.5 point favorite over the Irish.  GO SUNDEVILS!

Future Big Ten team Maryland is a 15 point underdog to the Seminoles.  GO TERPS!

And the other future Big Ten team, Rutgers, is favored by a touchdown over SMU.  GO BIG R!

UCF is favored by 10 over Memphis.  GO KNIGHTS!

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