Sunday, July 7, 2013

We Are . . .

Penn State!

Is there any other response?

Apparently, there is, at least in Orlando, Florida.

My family and I spent a couple of days at Universal Studios Florida while vacationing at Disney World.  One of the attractions at Universal Studios is a simulation-type "ride" called Disaster!  As an aside here, any attraction billed as a "ride" should actually be a ride, but we did end up in a doomed subway car that shook, so I guess that was pretty much the ride right there.  But I digress.

A few members of the audience are selected as cast members, and everyone proceeds through a process of filming a disaster-type movie.

After the casting session, the "associate director" instructs the audience that when he yells "We Are . . ." the audience is supposed to respond by yelling back, "Moving On!"  And then you actually move on to the next segment of the "ride." 

Was this guy hired by the Board of Trustees?

Of course, much to the horror of my teenage children, I yelled out "Penn State" the first time he yelled "We Are."  Well what would you have done?  I actually said it every time he yelled it, but at a low enough level that my wife and children wouldn't be embarrassed and desert me.

It's actually very ironic that the response they were looking for was MOVING ON and the film is a disaster flick.

What think you?

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