Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bruined My Night

6-1? Bruins? Leading the series 2-0???


Are you sure I'm just not having nightmares after eating a bad Charo churro?

What happened to our defense?

Where's the offense? One goal in TWO games???

Now is not the time to panic (but we're getting awfully close here.) The series moves to Boston and the Pens desperately need to find their mojo again. It's one thing to get beaten when you're playing your best and it's a hard fought game. But this is ridiculous. We're not even putting up a fight, here.

First order of business: Tighten up the defense. Gotta stop the sloppy play. There's no I in team, but there is a U in suck. Teamwork.

Second order: More pucks to the net. Sooner or later some of them will get in. Rask is not a superhero--he just thinks he is right now. It's time to find some Kryptonite pucks.

With games Wednesday, Friday and (hopefully) Sunday, I hope my weekend (and the Pens' season) won't be bruined as well.

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