Friday, April 6, 2012

What To Do About Joe?

My loyal readers may have noted that I haven't posted much about Joe since his death.  It's just not a subject I wanted to talk about.  I'm not the kind of guy that expresses his feelings well.  Oh, you'll know whether I'm happy with the kicker or our starting quarterback, or how I feel about the coach's decision to punt instead of going for it on fourth down, but you won't find any touchy feely kind of emotions in this blog.

But now I am faced with an emotional dilemma.

What do I do with Joe?

I have two stand-up Joe's--the original (I think) in my home office, and one in my office at work (a later version in a suit.)

Do I leave them up?  Years of dust and bumping and moving around could wear and tear on them.  Would it be best to try and preserve them, away in a closet or attic?  Or should I proudly display them as I have done for years anyway, and let time take its ravages whatever the cost?

Right now, I just can't put Joe away.  But I must admit that a deep sadness comes over me whenever I look at him.  Then there is still the anger at how he was treated; the tragedy of the last months of his illustrious life.  We have known for years that there would some day be a Penn State without Joe Paterno.  We just didn't know it would come so soon.  So many emotions.  So few words to properly express them.

If you have a stand-up Joe, what are you doing with your Joe?

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