Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The O'Brien Era is going to bring changes.  Many fans have been looking forward to some changes since 1999.  Change can be good.  If your diaper is dirty, you need a change.  But could too much change be good? 

Well, we won't know until September.

But what we do know is that there are changes happening as we speak type.  You might need to sharpen your pencils and get an extra eraser before all this is over.

In brief, and I will refer you to Philip Cmor's article on A Change of Pace for further reading on the subject, here are some things going on in Spring practice.  The very fact that we know so much that is going on in practice is a change in itself.

Try and dodge these bullets, Mr. Bond . . .

  • Bill Belton has moved from wide receiver to runningback.  Perhaps because . . .
  • Curtis Dukes is out of spring practice for academic issues.
  • Curtis Drake is moving from wide receiver to corner.
  • DE Dakota Royer is moving to tight end.
  • Keep up with me here.
  • Devon Smith got tripped up on grass again.  Investigation and punishment (if necessary) is pending.
  • Cornerback Derrick Thomas will participate this spring.  Joe's Dog House has been sold.
  • DE Shawn Oakman will not return (unspecified reason)
  • Danny O'Brien, a potential QB transfer from Maryland, was at the opening day of practice.
  • Curtis Cothran, DE from Council Rock North verballed to PSU
  • Ryan Switzer, wide receiver and West Virginia's Gatorade Player of the Year--will be visiting PSU this weekend
  • O'Brien (coach, not the transfer) feels the change in conditioning program has already produced visible body changes.
  • Phil Simms will switch from QB to linebacker.
I don't know about you, but my head is spinning.  And this is only the first day!

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