Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Recruiting Ranks

From, here are the preliminary team rankings for the Big Ten . . .

RankSchoolCommitsPointsTop 1005*4*3*OffDefSpTHSJCAvg
3Ohio State 254599741110121302503.76
4THEM 254407611410111402503.64
35Michigan State 1822942041311701803.17
40Iowa 24216700312121112222.75
48Northwestern 2120111021211912102.76
49Penn State 1919591011610901902.95
50Nebraska 1719160031171001523.00
51Purdue 2518410011318522322.60
52Indiana 25178600015121301872.60
62Wisconsin 12156310547501203.17
67Illinois 181384000129811802.67
68Minnesota 2713510009141302162.33

Texas leads at #1 with 28 recruits and Alabama is 2nd with 26 recruits.

If you take THEM and Ohio State out of the equation, Penn State is pretty competitive with the rest of the conference.  We also have only 19 recruits which may hurt the overall ranking--see Wisconsin with only 12!  Indiana and Minnesota are relying on Junior College kids.

If you look at conference rankings, the Big Ten is fourth behind the SEC, PAC-12, and Big 12.

I'm not a big recruitnik . . . I don't really believe or put much faith in the star system (it's kind of like reading the horoscopes in my opinion).  Rather, I put my faith in the coaches to find kids that will fit into their system and perform well on and off the field.  Any given player could exceed well at a particular school, but struggle or sit on the bench at another.  Some are over-hyped, and some are diamonds in the rough.  Poz was only a 3 star recruit if I recall correctly.

I'd rather have kids that WANT TO PLAY FOR PENN STATE and buy into the Penn State way.  I want kids who will graduate as well as win games.  I don't want to deal with prima donnas who are always looking to jump ahead to the NFL if they get the chance.  I'd rather watch a bunch of 3 stars play their hearts out than a bunch of five stars whining on the sideline about their playing time and whether they have their name on the back of their jersey.

Joe Paterno, for all his faults and the frustrations we fans felt during games we thought we should win, was able to find those special student athletes for the most part.  The returning lettermen and the many speeches at his memorial were a testimony of that skill he had as a coach and leader.

Will O'Brien have similar success?

Will this class exceed expectations and star charts?

Only time will tell.

To those who signed for Penn State today . . .  WELCOME! 

You are pioneers in a new era--a new millennium--of Penn State football.

We fans wish you the best of luck.

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