Monday, January 10, 2011

Bradley the Bridesmaid

But not the bride, as Pitt settles on Tulsa Coach Todd Graham, according to ESPN.
Graham made $1.3 million at Tulsa, about $300,000 more than Wannstedt was paid from 2005 until this season, but is expected to be paid about $2 million per season at Pitt. Graham's salary is believed to be one reason he was bypassed during Pitt's initial search, but the school subsequently decided to pay more.

Penn State assistant coach Tom Bradley was among the first to be interviewed by Pitt, but he apparently did not have a second interview despite being pushed by some prominent Pitt boosters.

I can't say I'm surprised.

Although I like Tom Bradley as a defensive coordinator, I have never been able to picture him as the head coach, even when he acted in that capacity when Paterno was injured.  He is a player's coach and a great recruiter (think Wannstedt) but I don't know that I have seen the qualities--whatever they may be--of being a great head coach.  I just don't get that vibe from him, and perhaps those who have interviewed him have gotten the same feeling.  He is also older than a lot of the "hot" coaches out there, and that may work against him.  He has also only ever coached in one system and it remains to be seen whether he could be successful outside that system.  I could be wrong, and perhaps he will head to Connecticut to prove me wrong.

Or maybe, he'll stay at Penn State.

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