Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Logo Unveiled

From the conference that can't count--the same one that gives you the Land Grant Trophy-- comes the new Big Ten 10 16 Logo!  Read all about it here.

Thanks to Tiffany Brewster, a sixth grader at State College Elementary for her winning submission.

Seriously?  How much did they pay for that design?

At least the old logo paid homage to the fact that there were 11 teams, by ingeniously hiding the 11 in the background.  This one--well there's nothing hiding there except maybe a 16.  Is that a clue about the future?

EDSBS has a detailed analysis of the new logo.  "Those are clearly boobs."

And what do you think about the conference divisions--the Legends and the Leaders.  They sound like WNBA or lame soccer team names.

At least they named the championship trophy after Paterno--the Stagg-Paterno Trophy.  Ted Kwalick is also named on the tight end trophy, and Courtney Brown for Defensive Lineman of the Year.

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