Sunday, October 17, 2010

Minnesota Fires Brewster

The University of Minnesota fired their head coach this weekend after a 28-17 loss to Purdue.  That's kind of harsh isn't it?

But Minnesota has not lived up to the Glen Mason era, yet alone an age gone by, where Minnesota football actually meant something.

According to Rittenberg at ESPN:
I can't remember how many times I heard Brewster mention Minnesota's 18 Big Ten championships and six national championships, never mind the fact that neither event had happened since 1967.

Brewster knew the bar needed to be raised in Minneapolis. You couldn't blame him for aiming high. Why else would the school fire a coach (Glen Mason) who consistently made bowl games?

Brewster went 15-30 at Minnesota and 7-18 since November 2008.

Co-offensive coordinator Jeff Horton will take over for Brewster on an interim basis.

Unfortunately for Horton, his team will face a Penn State squad that hopefully will be coming out to prove something--something besides the fact that they are not a very good football team.

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