Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOI Updates

As the dust settles on another LOI Day, Penn State came out looking pretty good.  Personally, I have never been one to be too excited about recruiting--it's important, no doubt about that.  But it is such an inexact science.  I have seen too many highly touted recruits never live up to their billing, and it never ceases to amaze me how walk-ons or "star-less" athletes can become big contributors.

Here is the list of letters received:  National Signing Day Board

Rivals ranks our class 12th (best among Big Ten teams) but with 0 five star recruits.

ESPN ranks our class 8th in the nation.  They have Ohio State at 14 whereas Rivals had the Bucks at 25.  How's that for consistency?

And ranks our reruiting class at 9th with 3 five-star recruits.

Overall, I think you'd rather have a higher ranked class than a lower, but it doesn't seem to bother Utah or Boise State not to be at the top of those lists.  But I also wouldn't want to have to face a grueling Big Ten schedule with their recruits either.

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Glenn said...

I used to be a huge recruiting junkie and wasted way too many hours following every PSU recruit update...but finally came to your conclusion. Very much a crap-shoot. However its still nice to end with a good class.

Keep up the blog posts!!


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